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Hinduism :An Insider’s View

I am a Hindu and I have no regret for it. Infact I am proud of the fact that my religion is the oldest religion of the world with a liberal outlook. It is a unique religion with much heterogeneity. But this heterogeneity is not of conflicting type. Hinduism is the sum total of various beliefs and tradition of Indian people from time immemorial. Hinduism teaches us how to live in harmony amidst diversity.

Dr. Radhakrishnan rightly observes: Hinduism does not distinguish ideas of God as true and false, adopting one particular idea as the standard for the whole human race. It accepts the obvious fact that mankind seeks its goal of God at various levels and in various directions, and feels sympathy with every stage of search. Mahatma Gandhi observes,” If I were asked to define the Hindu creed, I should simply say : Search after truth through Non-violent means. A man not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu. Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after Truth and if it has become moribund, inactive, irresponsive to growth, it is because we are fatigued and as soon as the fatigue is over Hinduism will burst forth upon the world with a brilliance perhaps unknown before. Its creed is all embracing. … Hinduism tells everyone to worship God according to his own faith or Dharma and so it lives at peace all the religions.”

For me this is Hinduism, propagated by many ancient seers and filtered time to time by many reformists. I myself belong to the bhakti cult spreaded in Assam by Shrimanta Shankar Deva.

But sometimes I feel Hinduism is facing many threats and the tragedy is that it is not from outside. Some of our fellow believers are busy destroying the benign face of our religion. I have no hesitation to say that RSS and its many allied forces are doing no good to Hinduism. For them Hindutva is a political agenda under the pretension of cultural revivalism. Whoever goes against their discourse is depicted as a secessionist. They are not ready to accept the pluralistic nature of Indian polity. Their one Nation one Culture is a very dangerous slogan. It is an ethnocentric view not acceptable in a pluralistic society like India. It is even against the ethos and principles of Hinduism. Unlike other religions we don’t have one particular method of worship or one scripture. We have idol worshipers; we have also people who never go to a place where idol is worshiped. Hinduism is the method of all methods. It is the macrocosm! It is all inclusive.

In present day India some people are going to establish a new discourse of Hinduism i.e Hindu Nationalism. For them Hindutva is the identity badge of being an Indian. It is very dangerous and against the philosophy of Hinduism. I fear for RSS and their affiliates Hindutva is a political idiom. It is a narrative of hatred and distrust. India must arise to save both Hinduism and the Nation from these destructive forces. Let’s hope for the better!//

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